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Harbor Postcard00030

The Port of Los Angeles maintains an extensive photography collection, which includes nearly 200,000 images from the 1890s through present day. The Port has already digitized more than 50,000 of these photos, which are available online at

  1. Craig Hendricks permalink

    Congratulations on the new website/blog! I look forward to reading great details about the port.


    Craig Hendricks
    Long Beach City College

  2. I want to express my congratulations on the new website as well! The searchable database is looking great too! I am very happy to see that things are steadily progressing.

    Elizabeth Romero
    (Former intern)

  3. huff66 permalink

    Good Evening,

    Am trying to find out why was the M/S Jag Vijay given the freedom of the port of Los Angeles on March 24th 1963, am assuming the archive is the best place to start



    • We’d be happy to try and help you out. Can we contact you through the e-mail address you provided?

      • huff66 permalink

        thank you for the offer, and yes you can use the provided email address

        many thanks


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